Trump a Moonie? Former President’s Ties to Unification Church

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8 thoughts on “Trump a Moonie? Former President’s Ties to Unification Church

  1. If Trump valued everyone's lives, why did he create Warp Speed, which killed or maimed thousands, if not, millions???!! Not to mention is 'friendship' with Epstein and how he met his current wife. Good on Carol for reporting and suing him. obviously, I'm no fan, but I question why Biden isn't on the hot seat too? Good report, Kasie. 💜

  2. I understand Carol has filled 3 addendums for defamation to her case she won.
    And it was chump's lawyer who was subpoenaed a flipped giving the truth about being with him @ mar-a-lardo when the DOJ filled subpoena for the records. He said he told him to hand over the documents or face jail time. He refused, and instead scattered the documents to different area's.

  3. This group controls aipac and cpac..they also helped fund iran con-tra and the frank-lin scandal…ron,donald,gulliani,flynn and a plethora of more big name conservatives give speeches for the cnp..much like cfr controls the left the cnp controls the right and in the background these control groups work together whilst dems and repubs play a wwe show for the public.

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