Traditional Catholic Priest or Brother

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Author: Servants of the Holy Family Traditional Latin Mass

12 thoughts on “Traditional Catholic Priest or Brother

  1. Out of context. Does God force us into any vocation ?? Like if I have a calling to be a priest but I don't want to be one and instead of that I want to serve as a brother am I obliged to select priesthood or even if I not endup as a priest would it be a sin that I didn't answer the god's call of priesthood ?

  2. This is very insightful. I am really happy as this is a means of bearing our Lord's cross for his holy Church. I would love to become a brother but your order is not in my country. Or do you allow foreign candidtates? I am an FSSP faithful here in Nigeria although they don't accept candidates for Religious Brothers, only Priesthood for now.

  3. I come to this video whenever I need a pick me up spiritually. This thing is the single most beautiful piece of videography that I have ever seen. And yet so simple. How lovely! Why, oh dear Lord, why have you allowed us to abandon this as a Church?

  4. I attended the seminary at Servants of the Holy Family. I didn’t end up having a vocation there, but I have to say it was still one of the best experiences of my life, and I would recommend any young man looking to be a good Catholic priest or brother apply here.

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