IHOPKC: Isaac Doubles Down on Prophetic History, Board Member Resigns Citing “Horrific Leadership”

In today’s episode we catch up on the last 3 weeks of IHOPKC’s updates including: Board Member Resigns saying “They don’t …


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23 thoughts on “IHOPKC: Isaac Doubles Down on Prophetic History, Board Member Resigns Citing “Horrific Leadership”

  1. Thank you guys! GREAT JOB! I served for a short while on PIHOP's (Pasadena International house of Prayer, in CA) prayer team, and I don't know Blaise, if you know Andy Comiskey and his ministry "Desert Stream?" He used to be connected with IHOPKC and he was one of my pastors when he was on staff at the Santa Monica Vineyard in California. Anyway, I am sad and this feels near to my heart as well. I previously went through a church split where there was deceit and spiritual abuse, and cult like markers. It is interesting all of the cases I listen to, some might be worse or more severe than others, but they all have these common threads:
    A major lack of accountability, a lot of money involved and a charming, charismatic, persuasive (i think, narcissistic) leader, that everyone just believes and makes allowances for, carte blanche no questions asked! It's stunning the power/ influence of these people. It's completely demonic! However, Greater Is He that is in us…."
    I agree with you Blaise that God is exposing so many of these instances in the church at large!
    I just wanted to say to You and Christina, thank you so much for this podcast! It's been a blessing and helpful to me to be able to further process what I couldn't put words to before. God bless you both and your little ones. Thank you for your integrity!

  2. It is NOT the Lord “rebranding “ IHOPKC, it’s “man” not letting go. At this point they are resisting the Lord. It makes me think of when God told the Israelites He would not go up with them against the other nations when they were in the wilderness, when Moses told them God would not go but a good number of them tried anyway and were majorly defeated!

  3. Would love to see you guys do an episode on the prophetic history and especially Bob Jones. I heard you say in another episode a while back that he allegedly abused boys, but I’ve never heard that talked about. Would really appreciate hearing the truth on these things!

  4. I think it is very important to talk about abuse in church. I'm from Brasil and raised in a charismatic church with a lot of false teaching and false prophecy when I was a child. It has to surface to be clean. It was very difficult for me to leave and understand the thuth but so worthed

  5. I think I’ve mentioned this before. But I’ve been following Jordan Peterson and am seeing how the Lord has elevated him during this unprecedented time to help us navigate these crazy, turbulent waters. Sadly, he’s still unsure about what he thinks about God, because he sees such laziness and corruption within the church. But he has incredible Bible courses offered within his Jordan Peterson University. He adores his wife, children and grandchildren. He has incredible empathy for the downtrodden. I’ve not heard any scandal regarding him. What a tremendous contrast from what we’re seeing portrayed from so many ministries today. I just went to a Jordan Peterson We Who Wrestle with God event in Ft. Worth, last month. Tremendous. The auditorium was packed. People are searching for answers.

  6. I've appreciated y'alls commitment to truth for the last year, but there are a lot of straw man arguments regarding the prophetic history. You say they just found the Truman property and bought it… When that's obviously missing tons of context. Many people who hate the sins committed in secret and the cover up will look at how the property was acquired in an amazing way or they look at the comet… And that doesn't square with the straw men you tear down.

    Why not just say a lot of it was true, but that for a word to come to pass it needs obedience and integrity (which wasn't there)?

  7. A song came into my head and I realized Bickle is like the wizard of Oz bc people traveled to him but they had the good qualities in themselves already, the ability to trust God, hear from God, etc, but just lacked confidence. “we’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, because of the wonderful things he does. If ever, if ever a whiz there was the Wizard of Oz is one because…because of the wonderful things he does.”
    And the wizard was basically a narcissist, aggrandizing himself and his special powers.

  8. For anyone who's been following the Mica Miller case in SC, I was finding so many similarities with the man calling himself a pastor, JP Miller, and MB. That story is tragic, but thankfully more and more light is being shined on these broken systems with narcissistic leaders and leadership.

  9. When are the believers and leaders in NAR going to actually READ THEIR BIBLE? Matt 18 is a one person to one person issue that is not 1) concerning a s87x abuse issue 2) concerning false doctrine/ teaching to the whole body of Christ. They are using the Matt 18 scripture to hide and excuse massive unbiblical behavior and error.

  10. A saying I heard from a pastor that I believe reflects this situation “The voice of the lamb but living the lifestyle of the dragon “ In other words we need to look at the lifestyle of the leaders and judge the fruit to see where they truly stand. In or out of the kingdom Judgement begins in the house of the Lord.

  11. Blaise…I was never actively involved in the day to day at IHOP, but I had attended conferences etc. I had encouraged people to check out IHOP and had introduced my husband to MB’s teachings. It grieved my heart and I had to repent as well. Anyone who was deceived and then introduced people to IHOP…we all need to repent…not just anyone in leadership.

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