Child Abuse Beating At Truth Baptist Church’s School Heritage Boys Academy

The leader of this Baptist church, Clayton Maynard, has effectively reopened his school with the new name of Heritage Young …


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3 thoughts on “Child Abuse Beating At Truth Baptist Church’s School Heritage Boys Academy

  1. I lived under buddy maynard's terror for 2 year from 99-2000. That man is a child abuser. I cant tell you how many times I got beat with his dowel rod for things I didnt do, things I couldnt help like warnings issued for not completing school work on time that resulted in getting beat, or not having my chore done to their satisfaction, I got beat for petty reasons like horseplay when other boys mot of the time got away for playing around with each other. Rarely did I ever get beat for something that could be considered justified, but either way, him and his wife "christina maynard" told me one night during devotions, that the reason they were so hard on me is because they disliked me even before I walked through their doors for the first time, that they were digusted with me for having been brought up in church by mymother, and I still decided to be rebellious so that was their incentive to be so cruel to me no matter how well i had progressed and matured during my time their. I had to literally run away to leave that boys home. I did it early hours of the morning in late 2000 when everyone was asleep when we were in my home state during a road trip.

    This man ha a youtube channel now under his own name "Buddy Maynard". His profile picture is of himself in cae you want to pay his channel a visit and share with him a piece of your mind and let him know what you think of grown adults who physically and mentally abuses children.

    Buddy Maynard's channel:

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